The Hiang Thé Central Shaolin Martial Arts Club offers classes that emphasize a balanced and complete approach to the art of self-defense. While much of the training enables you to defend yourself, the real benefits come from the confidence gained while developing concentration, discipline, agility, strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular conditioning.

Central Shaolin Martial Arts also help increase your mental and emotional well-being by improving your focus, mental sharpness, and ability to handle stress. Unlike many other martial arts styles, Central Shaolin Martial Arts contains an enormous wealth of material that allows the serious student to continue training for a lifetime.

In Lexington, KY classes are available for men, women, and children at all the branches of the YMCA of Central Kentucky. We also have club branches in Cynthiana, Nicholasville, Paintsville, and Winchester, Kentucky. Click HERE for contact information and a current schedule of classes.

Our system uses a colored belt ranking system students earn through testing as they advance through the program. Our ranking system starts with a white belt and continues with yellow, blue, green, three degrees of brown, and ten degrees of black. Below is a brief overview of what is learned at various levels.

BEGINNERS: (White, Yellow, Blue)
Our beginning "white belt" classes start with the basics needed for martial arts training. Stretching and light conditioning exercises to increase your flexibility and stamina are introduced. Basic self-defense techniques, proper striking and kicking, and stances are also introduced. As you advance, you work with "katas" or forms, that are much like a dancer's routine, except they have martial arts applications. Animal forms from the tiger and bird system are introduced.Training with basic weapons like the nunchaka and bo are begun, as well as non-contact sparring, with an emphasis on safety and control in both of these areas

INTERMEDIATE (Green, Brown Belt)
More advanced katas, weapons, and fighting techniques are included as well as more rigorous physical conditioning. More concentration is placed on proper breathing techniques and how they increase energy, power, and focus, leading to training in the Shaolin internal systems. Praying Mantis, Dragon, Drunken, Tiger, and Bird forms, and broadsword, sai, tiger hooks, and dagger weapons training are available in this sequence.

ADVANCED (Black Belt)
Much can be gained at each level of training, but for many the ultimate goal is the Black Belt. Rather than an end to learning new material, the Black Belt in our organization is just the beginning. In addition to more advanced forms and weapons training, equal emphasis is put on internal studies. See HERE for a list of material taught so far in our system. For the serious student, there is no other martial arts system that offers the depth of material as Central Shaolin.

Specialty classes in Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and Self-defense are also offered outside of the regular Shaolin martial arts classes.

Tai Chi is an ancient art that combines slow movements with special breathing techniques to manage stress, and increase strength, balance and flexibility. Using the Lee Family Tai Chi form, this practice results in a mental and physical revitalization, a calming and an increased awareness and improvement in spirit, mind, and body, including the core postural muscles. Tai Chi has been endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation as a way to relieve pain and achieve greater mobility.

Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels of Tai Chi are offerred.

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Chi Kung (Qigong) is an meditative exercise system developed in China that focuses on cultivating oneีs "lifeforce" energies for health and well-being. Chi Kung comes from the Chinese words "Chi" meaning "Energy," and "Kung," meaning "work" or "practice." Chi Kung practice develops the mind, body and internal "Chi" through special techniques to regulate the breath, special postures to regulate the body, and quiet concentration to regulate the mind and one's awareness. Da Mo's 18 position form is introduced in this class.

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Self-defense classes teach the skills necessary to protect yourself in a dangerous situation. Punching and kicking drills are incorporated with real-world self-defense techniques. This class offers a practical alternative to "cardio-kickboxing" type classes the offer minimal real-life self-defense skills. Great for both women and men.

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