Updated December 20, 2019

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Classes are available at all the branches of the YMCA of Central Kentucky and independently in several locations throughout Kentucky

At Lexington Area YMCAs:

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Central Kentucky YMCA Class Fees:
Regular martial arts classes meet for 1 hour per week in continuous, progressive 8 week sessions (unless noted below). The 8 week fee is $50/$77. Additional family members receive a 25% discount from their normal fee for non-specialty classes.

Blue Belt and above students may attend multiple classes at their level or below for 50% of their regular fee per additional class. (Family discount does not apply on additional classes.)

Specialty classes like Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Pa Kua, and Hsing Yie generally meet once a week for 1 hour and run 12 or 8 weeks. The 12 week fee is $75 for Y-members and $116 for non-members. 8 weeks sessions are $50/$77. Additional family members receive a 25% discount from their normal fee. Students repeating a Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and selected specialty classes receive a 50% discount from their normal fee. (The family member discount applies only to first-time students for specialty classes.) Click HERE for more on Tai Chi and other Specialty classes.


YMCA classes this session are 8 weeks.

Gatton Beaumont Y: 3251 Beaumont Centre Cr., 859-219-9622

Mondays: (Grandmaster Hiang The)
(NEW) 4:15-4:55 pm, Shaolin Kids/Beginner, Ages 4-7, Starts January 6, 2020
5-6:00 pm, Black
6-7:00 pm, Brown
(NEW) 7-8:00 pm Tai Chi, Level II, Starts January 6, 2020

Thursdays: (Master David Cubine)
(NEW) 4:15-4:55 pm, Shaolin Kids/Beginner, Ages 4-7, Starts Jan 9 (Stacey Stone)
5-6:00 pm, Green/Blue

6- 7:00 pm, Brown
(NEW) 7-8:00 pm Pa Kua Chang, Starts January 9, 2020

Saturdays: (Master David Cubine)
9:00-10:00 am, Black
10:00-11:00a, Brown
11:00a-12:00n, Green/Blue
(NEW) 12n-1:00 pm New Beginner/Yellow, Starts January 11, 2020

Whitaker Family at Hamburg Y: 2681Old Rosebud Rd., 859-543-9622

(Stacey Stone)
(NEW) 4:15-4:55 pm, Shaolin Kids/Intermediate, Ages 4-7, Starts January 7, 2020

Thursdays: (Ben Allen)
(NEW) 4:15-4:55 pm, Shaolin Kids/Beginner, Ages 4-7, Starts January 9, 2020
6-7:00 pm, Blue/Yellow

7-8:00 pm, White/Yellow

Saturdays (Kyle Migneault)
12:30-1:30 pm, Yellow
1:30-2:30 pm, Blue/Green

North Family YMCA: 381 W. Loudon Avenue, 859-258-9622

Wednesdays: (Erik Ackerman)

(NEW) 5-5:45 pm, Shaolin Kids/Beginner, Ages 4-7, Starts January 8, 2020
(NEW)7-8:00 pm, Beginner, Starts Starts January 8, 2020

High Street: 239 E. High St., 859-254-9622

Wednesdays: (Master The)

6-7 pm, Black
(NEW) 7-8:00 pm Tai Chi-Beginner. Starts January 8, 2020

Saturdays: (Master Doug Byrum)
10:15-11:15 am, Black

The following classes are independent of the YMCA

Sundays: (Master The)
9:30 am-1:00 pm: Advanced Black

Outside of Lexington Area:

632 Sea Biscuit Way
Contact Larry Mattox 859-588-5129 or