Chung Yen Shaolin Martial Arts curriculum covers a wide range of empty hand, weapon, and internal forms, and their application. Below is a list of the material that has been offered to students of Master Hiang Th¸ from 1968 to the present. Master Th¸ continues to teach new material beyond that listed below.


Luan Ta Fa Shu/20 Sparring Techniques
Tuan Ta Fa Chien/ 30 Short Kata
Se Meng Tao Lie / The Way To Break The 4 Doors (Facing the 4 doors)
Fei Hoo Choo Tung / Flying Tiger Comes Out of His Cave
Luo Han Chien/ Fist of Lo Han
Ie Pu Tue Ta Ippon Kumite/One Step Sparring
Ie Pu Fa Shu/ Street Fight Techniques
Se Pa Kuen or Chu Chi Kuen Su/ 4-8 Direction Staff/Bo
Nunchaka Techniques
Kai Pang or Pei Huang Chi K.P/ Short Stick/Stick of the Northern Beggar

San Njie Chien/ Three Unity "Iron Man" Form
Tie Ku Chang/ Iron Bone Palm
Ye Fei She Pa Tuan/ Ye Fei's 18 Continuous Positions
Yang Tai Chi Chaun/ Yang's Grand Ultimate Fist Form
Lee Chia Tai Chi Chuan/ Lee Family Grand Ultimate Fist Form
Pa Kua Chang/ 8 Direction Hexagonal Palm
Ie Ching Ching/ The Changing of the Muscle and Bone
Ching Kong Sow/ Golden Steel Fist
Tai Chi Chien/ Tai Chi Sword
Da Mo's (Bohidharma) Ie Ching
Kow Ie Chien/ The Ultimate Fist
Tia Tung/Iron Flow

Fei Hoo Choo Tung / Flying Tiger Comes Out of His Cave
Ching Kang Fu Hoo Chien/ Mountain Tiger Form
Hu (Hoo) He Suang SIng/ Tiger/Crane Duet
Hee Hoo Shao Song/ Wounded Black Tiger
Hee Hoo Tao Sin/ Black Tiger Rips the Heart
Pai Hoo Chien (Shey Hoo Chien)/ White Tiger Form (Snow Tiger)
Pao Chien/ Leopard's Fist
Pao Chien Tue Ta/ Leopard's Fist 2-man set

Tang Lang Che Ju/ The Stab-Thrust of the Praying Mantis
Tang Lang Chung Sen/ The Blitz & the Rise of the Praying Manits
Tang Lang Poo Foo/ The Trap of the Praying Mantis
Tang Lang Chien/ The Praying Mantis Form

Tai Peng Sin Kune/ Big Bird Opens Its Wings
Tai Peng Fan Che/ Big Bird Flips Its Wings
Tai Peng Chan Se/ Big Bird Spreads Its Wings
(Above 3 Kata Set)Tai Peng Chan Se
Tai Peng Chein Wo/ Big Bird Builds Its Nest
Tai Peng Se Wo/ Big Bird Watches Its Nest
Tai Peng Pao Wo/ Big Bird Defends/Protects Its Nest
(Above 3 Kata Set)Tai Peng Pao Wo
Tai Peng Sao/ Yin Big Bird Sweeps the Clouds
Tai Peng Khe Yin/ Big Bird Cuts the Clouds
Tai Peng Wu Yin/ Big Bird Dances On the Clouds
Tai Peng Po Yin/ Big Bird Strikes Through the Clouds
Tai Peng Chuen He (Hur)/ Big Bird Aims/Stalks
Tai Peng Luo Tien/ Big Bird Desends/Drops From the Sky
Tai Peng Chua Chien/ Big Bird Claw
Tai Peng Kung/ Big Bird Attacks
Tai Peng Foo/ Big Bird Trap
Tai Peng Se/ Big Bird Vision
Tai Peng Ching/ Big Bird Spirit
Tai Peng Chien/ Big Bird Form

GROUND DRAGON Ti Loong Ching Set (Ground DragonÕs Well)
Loong Wei/ The DragonÕs Tail
Loong Chung/ The Dragon's Blitz/Leap
Loong Chu/ The Dragon's Claw
Loong Wei Tue Ta/ The Dragon's Tail/ 2-Man Set
Loong Sen/ The Rise of the Dragon
Sang Loong/ Wounded Dragon
Ti Loong Chien/ Ground Dragon Form

Fung Wang Chuey Han Chien/ The Mad Drunk
Chuey Tao/ Drunken Broadsword/Knife
Chuey Kuen/ Drunken Bo
Chuey Chien/ Drunken Sword (double-edge)
Chuey Kai/ Drunken Beggar
Chuey Ho/ Drunken Monkey
Chuey Ku¸ Chuey Yin/ Drunken Ghost Chases The Shadow
Fung Wang Chuey Han Chien Tue Ta/ The Mad Drunk/ 3-Man Set
Chuey Hur Song Fa Chien/ Drunken Monk
Chuey Puo Tse (Che)/ Crippled Drunk

Hsing Ie Chien U (Wu) Lu Five Roads Fist
Hsing Ie Lien Huan Chi¸n Five Roads Fist Linkage
Hsing Ie Se Al Shing Twelve Animal Forms
Hsing Ie Chien San Suo Two-Man Set

Meng Sing SIng Chien/ Mad Gorilla Form
Pai Ho Pai Fu/ White Monkey
Wu Chin Sie/ Five Animal Linkage
Chie Chien/ Connecting Fist
Lian Wu Chang/ Five Direction Palm
Luo Han Chien Tue Ta Two Man Set

Shaolin Bird
Luo Tien/ Descent From Heaven
Chan Ie/ Spreads The Feathers
Yen Hur/ The Performing Dove

White Crane
Pai Hur Chuan Tse/ White Crane Circles, Spins The Wing
Pai Hur Chan Tse/ White Crane Jabs, Flips The Wing
Pai Hur Chuan Chiao/ White Crane Circles, Spins The Leg

Ye Chan Pa Fang Tao/ 8 Direction Night Battle Broadsword
Ti Tang Tao/ Ground Double Broadsword
Swang Tao/ Double Broadsword
Swang Yin (Ein) Tao/ Double Shadow Broadsword

Khe Che Kew/ Scorpion Hook
Ying/Yang Kew/ Double Hook Sword
Tien Ta Swang Fu Tew Kew/ Double Hook Shakes the Heavens
Tan Kew Chien/ Single Hook Sword Form
Liu Sing Kew/ Shooting Star (Meteor Hook Sword)
Pai Kew Chien/ 100 Hooks (Cuts) Form
Chaun Fu Ta/ Double Hook vs. Bo Sparring

San Tien Tao/ Lightning Knife/Dagger
Nan Sing Tao/ Southern Star Knife
Pei Sing Tao/ Northern Star Knife
(Above-3 kata set) Swang Sing Tao Pair of Star Daggers
Yen Tao (Yen Ch¸ Fei Tao Tao)/ The SwallowÕs Path/Flight Dagger Form
Yen Luo Tao (Yen Ch¸ Luo Tien Tao)/ The Swallow Drops from the Sky
Yen Che Tao/ The Swallow Dagger
(Above-3 kata set) Yen Che Tao The Swallow Daggers
San Tao
Chiu Loong Tao/ Nine Faces Dragon Dagger
Tu (Du) Tao/ Poison Dagger
Swang Yen Tao (1pr) Pair of Swallow Daggers
Se Mien Tao (2 pr) Four Faces Swallow Dagger
San Tue Tao/San Tue Fei Tao (3pr) Three Pair Throwing Daggers
Pa Fang Tao (4pr) Eight Direction Daggers
Se Fu Tao (5pr) Trap of the Ten Daggers
Ie Ta Fei Tao (6pr) 12 Flying Daggers
Ying/Yang Chi Sing Tao (7pr) Seven Star Double Dagger
Ie Chien Yen Che Tao (8pr) Flock/Group Swallow Daggers
Fei Tao (9 pr) Throwing Daggers

Tie Che (Tia Cha Chien)/ Sai
Wu Chi Tue Ta/ Sword vs Tiger Fork 2-man Sparring
Liang Shung Tue Tao/ Pair of brothers 2-man set (broadsword/bench)
Chuo (Chew) Kuen/ Ugly Stick
(Se Mien) Pa Huang Chien/ Table Top Sword
Chuan Yang Chien/ Split (Skew) the Sun Sword
Chi Sing Chien Seven Star Sword
Tie Pien She Loong Wang Wu/ Dragon King Dance Chain Whip
Tie Pien She Loong Wang Kung/ Dragon King Attack Chain Whip
Pang Loong Pang/ Dragon Ensnares The Bo
Fuo Loong Pang/ Fire Dragon Bo
Hai Loong Chang/ Sea Dragon Cane
Chiang Su Liang Se/ Spear Fighting Techinques
Luo Chia Chiang/ Luo Family Spear
May Hua Chiang/ May Flower Spear
Yang Chia Chiang/ Yang Family Spear
Kwan Kung Tao/ Kwan-do Sword
Yang Chia San Chie Kuen/Yang Family Three-sectional Staff
Yang Chia San Chie Kuen Tue Ta/Yang Family Three-sectional Staff Two-man set
Tu Pe (Bi)/Poison "Judge" Pen
Tu Yien/Poison Smoke
Tie Ch¸ Swang Tao Tue Ta/ Sai-Broadsword Two-Man set
Sien Fwa Chien/ Saint's Hair Form
Liang Chie Kuen/ Nunchaka Form
San Tze Chien/Iron Fan