Photos from the October 11, 2003 Tournament's Demonstration held at Lexington's Beaumont Middle School.

Competition results HERE
Photos by Walter Palmer and Jack Gabriel
Grandmaster Hiang The does his famous flying side kick, leaping over six students.
Doug Byrum does a double break with the back of his wrist followed by a palm hit
Master Dean Hill breaks a board hanging in mid-air
Master Dave Cubine throws an elbow strike
Tiana The performs
Se Meng Tao Lei
Dick Gabriel demonstrates a section of the Fei Tao throwing daggers
Tama The spins the double nunchaka around his neck
A packed Beaumont Middle School Gymnasium watches (from left to right) David Graves, Audrey Robinson, Cheryl Irwin, and Master Dean Hill go through various internal training forms
Jeff Meade performs Je Chan Pa Fang Tao
broadsword form
Master Cubine prepares to extend the final moves in
Chuan Yang Chien, double-edge sword form