Thanks to all of the participants, support group, and attendees for making this year's tournament another success. Go HERE for photos and competitor results.

NEW CLASSES FOR January 2006

Check the new Central Shaolin class schedule HERE for the new classes starting in January 2006.
Ask a friend to join. Take a specialty class outside of your regular martial arts class.


Pa Kua/ Shadow Boxing Starts January 14, 2006

For Central Shaolin Blue Belts and above. Master David Cubine will be having a 7 week, 8 hour martial arts conditioning class at the Beaumont YMCA from 9-10:00 am on Saturdays, from November 5 to December 17, 2005. Classes on 12/10 & 17 are from 8:30 am -10:00 am.

Emphasis will be placed on developing punching and kicking power, explosiveness, quickness, flexibility, and endurance. FocusMaster training stations will be incorporated.

The fee is $33 for Y-members/ $50 non-Y members currently enrolled in a Central Shaolin Martial Arts YMCA class, The fee is $46/$70 if not enrolled in a current YMCA MA class. For more info email:

North YMCA Class Gets New Gym

June 2005 - After spending two and a half years in the all-purpose room at the North YMCA, Instructor Tom Covello has a reason to be happy. When another activity was inadvertently scheduled in his room during spring break just recently, he was directed to conduct his classes that evening in the room normally reserved for Pilates class. It worked out so well, he asked if it would be possible to get the room on a permanent basis for his students. A week later, they were in. "It has two adjacent walls covered with mirrors," says Tom. "My students can check out their stances from just about anywhere in the room." Most important is that the ceiling height of the new room is adequate for weapons training. "No more skewering holes through the ceiling tiles!" he adds, citing the problem he and his students have had in the old multi-purpose room. "Yes, we miss the carpeted floor," Tom notes, "but it wasn't difficult getting used to the hardwood gymnasium floor in the new room. You just don't see as many drop-kicks happening!" Tom would like to thank Hope Proctor, Wellness director for the North Y and the staff, for making it all possible.

View Recent Rank Advancement photos HERE

Rank Advancement Congratulations to New Black Belts

Congratulations to these new Central Shaolin Black Belts. Achieving their 1st Degree level on Saturday, June 4, 2005 were: (left to right) Farhad Abad, Keemia Abad, Alex Anderson, Cali Brashear, Travis Brashear, Fred Muller, Callum Anderson. (Shown far right: Instructor, Master Dave Cubine, Asst. Instructor Tom Covello. Shown far left: Grandmaster Hiang The and Asst. Instructor Henry Roig (rear).

Fall Tournament November 20, 2004

Thanks to all for making the recent tournament and demonstration such a success.

Click HERE for photos and competition results

Congratulations to Master Stanley Barnes

Congratulations to out newest Central Shaolin Master, Stanley Barnes. Master Barnes completed his testing and earned his 6th Degree Master rank on Sunday, June 20, 2004 from Grandmaster Hiang Kwang The. Master Barnes has been studying martial arts with Master The since 1977 and lives in Richmond, KY.

2004 Outdoor Training Class

12 members of Master Hiang's advanced Black Belt class attended a day-long outdoor training class on May 23, 2004 conducted in the hills of Eastern Kentucky. The day included internal (nei kung) training, sparring, and condtioning, all focused on using the surrounding environment. The participants were (left to right): Master Dave Cubine, Master Dean Hill, Kaleb Murry, Tim Francis, Kermit Shaffer, David Graves, Doug Byrum, Master Keith Murry, Master Stanley Barnes, Brian Runyon, Audrey Robinson, and Dick Gabriel.

Rank Advancement Congratulations to New Black Belts

Congratulations to these new Central Shaolin Black Belts. Achieving their 1st Degree level on Saturday, December 20, 2003 were: (left to right) Mike Ross, Mark Lewis, Trent Foley, Sara Hickner, Paul Hickner, Will Hodges, Walter Palmer, and Michael Pierce. (Shown far left: Asst. Instructors Henry Roig and Tom Covello. Shown far right: Grandmaster Hiang The and Instructor, Master Dave Cubine.

Fall 2003 Tournament Photos and Results HERE

Thanks to all of the competitors, spectators, demo team, and Beaumont Middle School for helping to make our October 11 Fall Tournament a great success. If you have some good pictures from the tournament you would like to send us to use, email:

Over $1000 was raised for the YMCA's "Campaign For Kids."

Rank Advancement Congratulations to Advanced Black Belts

Congratulations to Audrey Robinson, Kermit Shaffer, Doug Byrum and Master Keith Murry for earning rank advancement effective Sunday, June 29, 2003 under Grandmaster Hiang Kwang The. Audrey and Kermit tested for their 4th Degree Black, Doug for 5th Degree Black, and Keith for the Master 6th Degree rank. More member info HERE.


Thanks to all of the competitors, volunteers, and demo team members for helping making the
2002 Fall Tournament a success.


Conditioning Class Completion

Part of Master Hiang's advanced Sunday class completed an 8 week conditioning session in December 2002. The last class lasted 4 hours and consisted of 10,000 hits and 1000 kicks.