Tournament Competition 2002

Students from Kentucky and Ohio competed in the Hiang The Chung Yen Central Shaolin Martial Arts 2002 Tournament on Saturday, October 19, 2002. Held at the South Lexington YMCA gymnasium, men, women, and children from age 6 to 65 participated in the event held in conjunction with the YMCA of Central Kentucky. Medals were awarded in several age groups and belt levels for empty-hand forms, weapon forms, and sparring. Here are the results: (Report any errors to

Order listed is Gold, Silver, Bronze

Empty Hand: Eric Haas, Derek Smith, Mike Thomas
Weapon: Eric Haas, Sean Kelly, Mark Lewis
Spar: Mike Thomas, Mark Lewis, Eric Haas

Empty Hand: Martina Wheeler, Crystal Layne, Mary Lefferson
Weapon: Martina Wheeler, Kristen Arvin, Mary Lefferson
Spar: Emily Comfort, Dina Klemkina, Mary Lefferson

Empty Hand: Danny Frazier, Trent Foley ), Jesse MacClean
Weapon: Danny Frazier, Josh Holcomb, Scott Curran
Spar: Drew Boyd, Danny Frazier, Josh Holcomb

Empty Hand: Allen Goins, Josiah Hanna, Taylor Smith
Weapon: Taylor Smith, Miles Lawson, no bronze
Spar: Allen Goins), Miles Lawson, Taylor Smith

Empty Hand: Jeff Dietz , Mark Grogan, Chris Townsand
Weapon: Jeff Dietz, Chris Townsand, Hap Houlihan,
Spar: Chris Townsand, Jeff Dietz, Andrew Niehaus

Green, Blue/Junior
Empty Hand: TylerTownsand, Travis Brashear, Connor Lewis
Weapon: TylerTownsand, Kavon Javaherian, Travis Brashear
Spar: Travis Brashear, Sam Lockridge, Alex Anderson

Empty Hand: Cali Brashear, John Arvin, Keemia Abad
Weapon: Brice Harvey, John Arvin, Sean Naples
Spar: Keemia Abad, Luke Francis, Hana Koerner

Empty Hand: Josh Means, Mark Adkins, no bronze
Weapon: Jerry French, Josh Means, David Kesheimer
Spar: Mark Adkins, Josh Means , Fred Muller

Empty Hand: Mara Piechowski, Megan Jones, Rachel Wilson
Weapon: Megan Jones, TIE: Mara Piechowski and Kathy Knight
Spar: Megan Jones, Kathy Knight, Kathy Kesheimer


Empty Hand: George King, Frank Kyle
Weapon: None
Spar: George King , Frank Kyle

Empty Hand: Christopher Sato, Parker Epinger
Weapon: Christopher Sato
Spar: Christopher Sato, Parker Epinger

Beginner/Pee Wee
Empty Hand: Jerod Frank, William Wallace
Weapon: Brent Harney
Spar: John Romero, Joseph Romero

Intermediate/Youth match between Connor Lewis (left) and Kavon Javaherian (right).
Mens Green Belt Gold medal match between winner Chris Townsand (left) and Jeff Dietz (right).