2006 Tournament Demonstration Photo Slideshow

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Photography by Mary Cockriel and Walter Palmer

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Tournament Competition & Awards 2006

Kevin Sarkisan (right) spars Alex Anderson in the Mens Black Belt finals.
Blue Belt, Rebecca Palmer, performs a Tiger form.
Father and daughter pair Daryl and Cali Brashear start a Mantis 2-person set.

Students from the Hiang The Chung Yen Central Shaolin Martial Arts competed in the Fall 2006 Tournament on Saturday, December 2. Held at Lexington's Beaumont Middle School gymnasium, men, women, and children of all ages participated in the event held in conjunction with the YMCA of Central Kentucky. Medals were awarded in several age groups and belt levels for empty-hand forms, weapon forms, and sparring. Here are the results: (Report any errors to mail@centralshaolin.com)

EH: Empty Hand Form
WP: Weapon Form
SP: Sparring
2P= two-person set

Order listed is Gold, Silver, Bronze

Black Belt/Adult:
EH- Kevin Sarkisian, Daryl Brashear, Mary Cockriel
WP- Mary Cockriel, Alex Anderson, Cali Brashear
SP- Kevin Sarkisian, Alex Anderson, Cali Brashear
2P: Daryl Brashear, Cali Brashear, Mary Cockriel

Black Belt/Junior:
EH- John Cockriel, Aaron Defosse
WP-John Cockriel, Philip Cockriel, Aaron Defosse
SP- Philip Cockriel, John Cockriel
2P- Philip Cockriel, Aaron Defosse, John Deering

Black Belt:/ Youth
EH- Tiana The, David Swisher, Micah Penelvar
WP-Tiana The, David Swisher, Micah Penelvar
SP- David Swisher, Tiana The, Micah Penelvar
2P- Micah Penelvar/Tiana The, Willem Wallace/David Swisher

Brown Belt/Adult
EH- Jason Russo, Erik Ackerman, Wayne Cass
WP- Sam Tisdale, Jason Russo, Ali Napo
SP- Ali Napo, David Butler, Sam Teasdale
2P- Wayne Cass/Jason Russo

Brown Belt/Adult (Light
EH- Robert Cass, Agus Sofyan, Adria Sutherland
WP- Adria Sutherland, Kellie Considene, Robert Cass
SP- Adria Sutherland, Agus Sofyan, Kellie Considene
2P- Robert Cass, Agus Sofyan, Micaheal & Lillian Craven

Brown Belt/ Junior:
EH- Sebastian Zabala, Kaleb Joy, Keegan Simes/Arthur Wells (tie)
WP- Sebastian Zabala, Laura Hilty, Arthur Wells
SP- Sebastian Zabala, Justin Baker, Laura Hilty
2P: Laura Hilty, Justin Baker, Kaleb Joy

Brown Belt/ Youth:
EH- Ben Duboc, Joshua Koshy, Stephen Tippett
WP- Fiiras Sofyan, Ben Duboc, Joshua Koshy
SP- Ben Duboc, Keaton Butler, Ethan Girard
2P- Fiiras Sofyan, Keaton Butler, Ethan Girard

EH- Thomas Dubuc, Caleb Swartzentruber, Candace Wade
WP- Thomas Dubuc, Maria Leone, Rebecca Palmer
SP- Maria Leone, Zachary Schneider, Caleb Swartzentruber

Beginner/ Junior:
EH- Carson Caywood/Joseph Mata (tie), Jessica Taylor
WP- Jessica Taylor, Richelle Banks
SP- Joseph Mata, Carson Caywood, Luke Hansen

Beginner/ Youth:
EH- Jake Samson, Alexander Banks, Chris Cupp
SP- Alexander Banks, Robin Swovelland, Daniel Cupp

Awards 2006

Each year, we like to recognize students and instructors for their dedication, spirit, inspiration, achievement, and family unity. They represent our guiding principle, "Sang Wu Ching Shen", or Excellent Martial Arts Character/Spirit, the cornerstone of the Central Shaolin organization.

Appreciation/Dedication in Retirement:
Roy Watts
Tom Covello

Master Dean Hill

Audrey Robinson

Mary, Philip, and John Cockriel

Henry Roig
Stacy Stone

Tom and Jared Townes
Stewart and Madison Gaither
Mary and Maria Bane
Wayne and Robert Cass
Daryl and Cali Brashear
David and Max DuBoc