Tournament Competition & Awards 2005

Brothers John (left) and Philip (right) Cockriel sparred for the Gold medal in the Junior Brown Belt Division

Students from the Hiang The Chung Yen Central Shaolin Martial Arts competed in the Fall 2005 Tournament on Saturday, October 22, 2005. Held at Lexington's Beaumont Middle School gymnasium, men, women, and children of all ages participated in the event held in conjunction with the YMCA of Central Kentucky. Medals were awarded in several age groups and belt levels for empty-hand forms, weapon forms, and sparring. Here are the results: (Report any errors to

Order listed is Gold, Silver, Bronze

Empty Hand: Callum Anderson, Mark Lewis, Leo Walker
Weapon: Alex Anderson, Leo Walker, Andrew Niehaus
Spar: Callum Anderson, Walter Palmer, Alex Anderson

Empty Hand: Chaz Daniel, Brent Harney, Matt Neal
Weapon: Ben Mawby, Cali Brashear, Matt Neal
Spar: Cali Brashear, Ben Mawby, Matt Neal
Two-person set:
Gold: Daniel DeFosse/ with Steve DeFosse
Silver: Brice Harney/ with Brent Harney

Empty Hand: Daryl Brashear, Michael Kline, Jason Russo
Weapon: Josh Vest, Daryl Brashear, Ethan VanDine
Spar: John Brooks, Stuart Michael, Mark Grogan

Empty Hand: Jennifer Myatt
Weapon: Jennifer Myatt, Amelia Patterson, Kristi Boyatt Lancianese
Spar: Amelia Patterson, Kristi Boyatt Lancianese

Brown/Youth & Junior:
Empty Hand: Robert Cass, Philip Cockriel, John Cockriel (tie), Aaron DeFosse
Weapon: John Deering, Aaron DeFosse, Philip Cockriel
Spar: Philip Cockriel, John Cockriel, Sebastian Zabala

Intermediate / Men
Empty Hand: Jeff Chase, Sam Teasdale, Joe Marwil
Weapon: Robert Dalton, Jeff Chase, Jeff Mayer
Spar: Joe Marwell, Sam Teasdale, Robert Dalton

Empty Hand: Jodie Muller, Laurie Mudd, Paige Frazier
Weapon: Laurie Mudd, Lillian Craven, Naomi Johnson
Spar: Paige Frazier, Connie Fryman, Jodie Muller

Empty Hand: Mike Craven, Vince Rodgers
Weapon: Mike Craven, Victor Macninci, Clyde Pelton
Spar: Clyde Pelton, Victor Macninci, Vince Rodgers

Empty Hand: Marvin Pitt, Keaton Butler, Casey Dalager (tie)
Weapon: Samantha Pittman, David Swisher, Casey Dalager
Spar: Gram Welch, Dalton Rodgers

Intermediate I /Pee Wee
Empty Hand: Matthew Gerguis, Keegan Sims
Weapon: Nicholas Lancianese, Tiana The, Micah Penalvar
Spar: Matthew Gerguis, Keegan Sims, Tiana The

Beginner & Intermediate II/ Pee Wee
Empty Hand: Lauren Hilty, Lauren Hoyt, Jack Muller
Weapon: Lauren Hoyt, Justin Baker, Megan Pelon
Spar: Lauren Hilty, Megan Pelon, Willem Wallace

Awards 2005

Each year, we like to recognize students and instructors for their dedication, spirit, inspiration, achievement, and family unity. They represent our guiding principle, "Sang Wo Ching Shen", or Excellent Martial Arts Character/Spirit, the cornerstone of the Central Shaolin organization.


Audrey Robinson

Master Dean Hill
Mary Cockriel

Tim Francis
Tom Covello
Henry Roig
Kevin Sullivan
Steve Richie
Nicholas Richie
Eric Hillman

Keegan Sims
Fred Muller

Tiana The
David Swisher
Willem Wallace
Micah Penalva

Callum and Alex Anderson
Stephen, Danny and Aaron Fosse
David and Maxwell Dubocq
Jose, Juana, Adrian, and Rey Gonzalez

Willem Wallace, Tiana The, David Swisher, and Micah Penalva recieved an Achievement Award. The four 1st Degree Brown Belts have been together for over 4 years in Central Shaolin Martial Arts
Audrey Robinson, a 4th Degree Black Belt and Tai Chi Sword instructor, received the 2006 Inspiration Award. GET WELL SOON, AUDREY!
Keegan Sims received a Spirit Award from instructor Tom Covello. Keegan trains at the North YMCA branch.

A special thanks to Grandmaster Hiang Kwang The
for his constant inspiration, gentle guidance, strong character, and unwavering friendship.

Grandmaster Hiang Kwang The
was presented with a hand-painted calligraphy scroll signifying Courage, Strength, Wisdom, and Honor,