Tournament 2001

More than 100 students from Kentucky and Ohio competed in the Hiang The Chung Yen Central Shaolin Martial Arts 2001 Tournament on Saturday, October 20, 2001. Held at the South Lexington YMCA gymnasium, men, women, and children from age 6 to 65 participated in the event held in conjunction with the YMCA of Central Kentucky. Medals were awarded in several age groups and belt levels for empty-hand forms, weapon forms, two-person sets, and sparring. The overall male winner was Tama The and the overall female was Selena The. The tournament was followed by a demonstration featuring Master Hiang The and several of his advanced students and instructors.

Here are a few photos from the tournament

Master The breaks concrete on the Double Bed of Nails. Master David Cubine is on top, Master Dean Hill is on the bottom.

Keemia Farhad (left) spars Cali Brashear (right) in the Yellow Belt Junior Division. Cali won a bronze medal.

Master Dean Hill lays suspensed between two chairs for more concrete breaking.

Master Hiang The gets some major air time clearing six black belts for a side kick board break.

Master Hiang holds nothing back in breaking a board on Master Cubine's back. (Yes, wood boards do bend!)

Tama The performs the Fire Dragon Bo for the demonstration. Tama was the overall Men's Medal Winner.

Eventual Gold Medal winner, Walter Palmer (left) spars Paul Hickner in the Men's Blue Belt Division.