Master David Cubine Material List (through 6/04)


Luan Ta Fa Shu/20 Sparring Techniques
Tuan Ta Fa Chien/ 30 Short Kata
Se Meng Tao Lie / The Way To Break The 4 Doors (Facing the 4 doors)
Fei Hoo Choo Tung / Flying Tiger Comes Out of His Cave
Luo Han Chien/ Fist of Lo Han
Ie Pu Tue Ta Ippon Kumite/One Step Sparring
Ie Pu Fa Shu/ Street Fight Techniques
Se Pa Kuen or Chu Chi Kuen Su/ 4-8 Direction Staff/Bo
Liang Chie Kuen/ Nunchaka
Kai Pang or Pei Huang Chi K.P/ Short Stick/Stick of the Northern Beggar

San Nji¸ Chi¸n/ Three Unity "Iron Man" Form
Tie Ku Chang/ Iron Bone Palm
Ye Fei She Pa Tuan/ Ye FeiÕs 18 Continuous Positions
Yang Tai Chi Chaun/ YangÕs Grand Ultimate Fist Form
Lee Chia Tai Chi Chuan/ Lee Family Grand Ultimate Fist Form
Pa Kua Chang/ 8 Direction Hexagonal Palm
Ie Ching Ching/ The Changing of the Muscle and Bone
Ching Kong Sow/ Golden Steel Fist
Tai Chi Chi¸n/ Tai Chi Sword
Da Mo's (Bohidharma) Ie Ching

Ching Kang Fu Hoo Chi¸n/ Mountain Tiger Form
Hu (Hoo) He Suang SIng/ Tiger/Crane Duet
Hee Hoo Shao Song/ Wounded Black Tiger
Hee Hoo Tao Sin/ Black Tiger Rips the Heart
Pai Hoo Chien (Shey Hoo Chien)/ White Tiger Form (Snow Tiger)
Pao Chien/ Leopard's Fist
Pao Chien Tue Ta/ Leopard's Fist 2-man set

Tang Lang Ch¸ Ju/ The Stab-Thrust of the Praying Mantis
Tang Lang Chung Sen/ The Blitz & the Rise of the Praying Manits
Tang Lang Poo Foo/ The Trap of the Praying Mantis
Tang Lang Chi¸n/ The Praying Mantis Form

Tai Peng Sin Kune/ Big Bird Opens Its Wings
Tai Peng Fan Ch¸/ Big Bird Flips Its Wings
Tai Peng Chan Se/ Big Bird Spreads Its Wings
(Above 3 Kata Set)Tai Peng Chan Se
Tai Peng Ch¸in Wo/ Big Bird Builds Its Nest
Tai Peng Se Wo/ Big Bird Watches Its Nest
Tai Peng Pao Wo/ Big Bird Defends/Protects Its Nest
(Above 3 Kata Set)Tai Peng Pao Wo
Tai Peng Sao/ Yin Big Bird Sweeps the Clouds
Tai Peng Khe Yin/ Big Bird Cuts the Clouds
Tai Peng Wu Yin/ Big Bird Dances On the Clouds
Tai Peng Po Yin/ Big Bird Strikes Through the Clouds
Tai Peng Chuen H¸ (Hur)/ Big Bird Aims/Stalks
Tai Peng Luo Tien/ Big Bird Desends/Drops From the Sky
Tai Peng Chua Chiˇn/ Big Bird Claw
Tai Peng Kung/ Big Bird Attacks
Tai Peng Foo/ Big Bird Trap
Tai Peng Se/ Big Bird Vision
Tai Peng Ching/ Big Bird Spirit
Tai Peng Chien/ Big Bird Form

GROUND DRAGON Ti Loong Ching Set (Ground DragonÕs Well)
Loong Wei/ The DragonÕs Tail
Loong Chung/ The DragonÕs Blitz/Leap
Loong Chu/ The DragonÕs Claw
Loong Wei Tue Ta/ The DragonÕs Tail/ 2-Man Set
Loong Sen/ The Rise of the Dragon

Fung Wang Chuey Han Chien/ The Mad Drunk
Chuey Tao/ Drunken Broadsword/Knife
Chuey Kuen/ Drunken Bo
Chuey Chiˇn/ Drunken Sword (double-edge)
Chuey Ka/i Drunken Beggar
Chuey Ho/ Drunken Monkey
Chuey Ku¸ Ch¯ey Yin/ Drunken Ghost Chases The Shadow
Fung Wang Chuey Han Chi¸n Tue Ta/ The Mad Drunk/ 3-Man Set
Chuey Hur Song Fa Chien/ Drunken Monk (Cudgel)
Chuey Puo Tse (Che)/ Crippled Drunk

Hsing Ie Chi¸n U (Wu) Lu Five Roads Fist
Hsing Ie Lien Huan Chi¸n Five Roads Fist Linkage
Hsing Ie Se Al Shing Twelve Animal Forms
Hsing Ie Chi¸n San Suo Two-Man Set

Meng Sing SIng Chi¸n/ Mad Gorilla Form
Wu Chin Sie/ Five Animal Linkage

Shaolin Bird
Luo Tien/ Descent From Heaven
Chan Ie/ Spreads The Feathers
Yen Hur/ The Performing Dove

Ye Chan Pa Fang Tao/ 8 Direction Night Battle Broadsword
Ti Tang Tao/ Ground Double Broadsword
Swang Tao/ Double Broadsword
Swang Yin (Ein) Tao/ Double Shadow Broadsword

Khe Ch¸ Kew/ Scorpion Hook
Ying/Yang Kew/ Double Hook Sword
Tien Ta Swang Fu Tew Kew/ Double Hook Shakes the Heavens
Tan Kew Chi¸n/ Single Hook Sword Form
Liu Sing Kew/ Shooting Star (Meteor Hook Sword)
Pai Kew Chi¸n/ 100 Hooks (Cuts) Form
Chaun Fu Ta/ Double Hook vs. Bo Sparring

San Tien Tao/ Lightning Knife/Dagger
Nan Sing Tao/ Southern Star Knife
Pei Sing Tao/ Northern Star Knife
(Above-3 kata set) Swang Sing Tao Pair of Star Daggers
Yen Tao (Yen Ch¸ Fei Tao Tao)/ The SwallowÕs Path/Flight Dagger Form
Yen Luo Tao (Yen Ch¸ Luo Tien Tao)/ The Swallow Drops from the Sky
Yen Ch¸ Tao/ The Swallow Dagger
(Above-3 kata set) Yen Ch¸ Tao The Swallow Daggers
San Tao
Chiu Loong Tao/ Nine Faces Dragon Dagger
Tu (Du) Tao/ Poison Dagger
Swang Yen Tao (1pr) Pair of Swallow Daggers
Se Mien Tao (2 pr) Four Faces Swallow Dagger
San Tue Tao/San Tue Fei Tao (3pr) Three Pair Throwing Daggers
Pa Fang Tao (4pr) Eight Direction Daggers
S¸ Fu Tao (5pr) Trap of the Ten Daggers
Ie Ta Fei Tao (6pr) 12 Flying Daggers
Ying/Yang Chi Sing Tao (7pr) Seven Star Double Dagger
Ie Chien Yen Ch¸ Tao (8pr) 16 Swallow Daggers
Fei Tao (9 pr) Throwing Daggers

Ti¸ Ch¸ (Tia Cha Chi¸n)/ Sai
Wu Chi Tue Ta/ Sword vs Tiger Fork 2-man Sparring
Liang Shung Tu¸ Tao/ Pair of brothers 2-man set (broadsword/bench)
Chuo (Ch¸w) Kuen/ Ugly Stick
(Se Mien) Pa Huang Chi¸n/ Table Top Sword
Chuan Yang Chi¸n/ Split (Skew) the Sun Sword
Pang Loong Pang/ Dragon Ensnares The Bo
Chiang Su Liang Se/ Spear Fighting Techinques
Luo Chia Chiang/ Luo Family Spear
Kwan Kung Tao/ Kwan-do Sword
Yang Chia San Chie Kuen/Yang Family Three-sectional Staff
Yang Chia San Chie Kuen Tue Ta/Yang Family Three-sectional Staff Two-man set
Tu Pe (Bi)/Poison "Judge" Pen
Tu Yien/Poison Smoke
Ti¸ Ch¸ Tue Ta/ Sai vs Broadsword 2 man set