This mural from the walls of the Songshan Shaolin temple depicts the various training methods and sparring by the monlks in the temple's courtyard.

Modern Day Chung Yen Martial Arts
Current Chung Yen Shaolin Grandmaster, Hiang Kwang Thè, (1948- )
was born in Bandung, Indonesia and began his martial arts training at age 8. Master Thè was taught by several masters who studied at the Shaolin Temples in China including his maternal grandfather, Ie Chang Ming.

Grandmaster Ie trained Master Thè in several internal systems, awarding him with special recognition medallions for his internal training, including the name "Liu Fo Su" or "6th Sense Warrior." From Master Liu Su Peng, Master Thè learned the entire 18 form Tai Peng or "Great Bird" fighting system including earning special medallions for developing the Bird system forms into actual fighting applications. Liu Su Peng also conducted advanced weapons training with Master Thè with the chain and fire whips, and throwing daggers. Master Liu Su Peng promoted Master Thè to his seventh degree rank just prior to Master Liu's death in 1978.

In 1968, Master Hiang Thè came to the United States to attend the University of Kentucky where he earned a degree in Civil Engineering. Now a U.S. citizen, Master Thè continues to teach Chung Yen Shaolin Martial Arts, Tai Chi, and Chi Kung in Lexington, Kentucky where he lives with his wife, Jeannie and their four children.