Part Three
Mary Lefferson (left) attacks Audrey Robinson (right) during
Wu Chi Tue Ta weapon sparring.
Doug Byrum takes a swing at Master Cubine during the Tai Peng portion of their Shaolin animal fighting demo.
Master Cubine drills Kermit Shaffer with a back kick, then "rips the heart" during the Tiger fighting portion
Tim Francis is flipped, then nears being drop kicked and swept by Master Cubine's Dragon techniques.
Then Tim and Kermit are finished off by the "Mad Drunk"
Tiana The shows some self-defense techniques against an attack
from her Dad.
Doug Byrum and Kermit Shaffer dual with a three-sectional staff vs. double broadswords
Tama The fends off Emily Comfort's sword attack with a bench during their Liang Shung Tuè Tao 2-man set demo.

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