Tournament Competition 2004

Students from the Hiang The Chung Yen Central Shaolin Martial Arts competed in the Fall 2004 Tournament on Saturday, November 20, 2004. Held at Lexington's Beaumont Middle School gymnasium, men, women, and children from age 6 to 67 participated in the event held in conjunction with the YMCA of Central Kentucky. Medals were awarded in several age groups and belt levels for empty-hand forms, weapon forms, and sparring. Here are the results: (Report any errors to

Order listed is Gold, Silver, Bronze

Empty Hand: Kaleb Murry, Ben Mawby, Andrew Neihouse
Weapon: Briam Runyon, Mark Lewis, Mike Ross
Spar: Brian Runyon, Mary Lefferson, Walter Palmer

Spar: Ben Mawby, Quitin Callahan

Empty Hand: Fred Muller, Drew Moreland, Steve DeFosse
Weapon: Daryl Brashear, Mario Felice, Mark Felice
Spar: Fred Muller, Daryl Brashear, Callum Anderson

Empty Hand: Mara Piechowski, Mary Cockriel, Eva Csuhai
Weapon: Mara Piechowski, Mary Cockriel, Stacey Stone
Spar: Mara Piechowski, Lanie Muller, Stacy Stone

Empty Hand: Cali Brashear, Thomas Walters, Levi Patton
Weapon: Thomas Walters, Keemia Abad, Levi Patton
Spar: Cali Brashear, Kavon Javaherian, Keemia Abad

Empty Hand: Elliot Mawby, Mateo Supulveda, Brent Harney
Weapon: Marvin Pitt, Elliot Mawby, David Swisher
Spar: Marvin Pitt, Matthew Music, Mateo Supulveda

Intermediate I /Junior
Empty Hand: Jordan Murry, Ben Joynt, Mario Hughley
Spar: Mathew Mays, Mario Hughley, Jordan Murry

Intermediate II /Junior
Empty Hand: Chris Sato, Jody Muller, Philip Cockriel
Weapon: Aaron DeFosse, Alle Deaton, Max Dubocq
Spar: Jody Muller, Chris Sato, Grant McDaniel

Empty Hand: Jiell Ridding, Sebastian Zaballa, John Dearing
Weapon: John Dearing, Sebastian Zaballa, John Cockriel
Spar: Jiell Ridding, John Cockriel, Rachel Sires

Empty Hand: Jamie, Jennifer Geoghegan, Jennifer M
Weapon: Jane , Jennifer Geoghegan, Jamie
Spar: Jennifer Geoghegan, Jamie, Jane

Intermediate/Pee Wee
Empty Hand :Micah Pevlva, Bea Brooks, Cameron White
Weapon: Tiana The
Spar: William Wallace, Micah Pevlva, Tiana the

Beginner/Pee Wee
Empty Hand: Arthur Wells, Ryan Mendoza, Zack Geoghegan
Weapon: Ryan Mendoza, Zack Geoghegan
Spar: Jennifer Brooks, Brandon Shaw, Arthur Wells

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